The Blue Shoes

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I bought these baby blue Toms while I was living in Hawaii, and I have never been a fan of the color. I had some Rit dye leftover from a previous project, and decided dye my baby blue Toms. Here’s How they turned out…

Let me start by telling you Toms are NOT meant to be dyed. As you can tell the leather on the inside of the shoe did turn blue, and there are some blue stains around the sole’s. After dying anything, you are supposed to run it through the wash (this is where the shoes took the biggest beating). After soaking my Toms overnight I put them in a laundry wash bag, and ran them through the washer. I kept them in the bag and threw them in the dryer, when I pulled them out one of the soles had come apart from the shoe, and my shoes had shrunk, but not to the point where I could not get them on my feet. The bottom of the shoe was still sticky with glue, from the heat of the dyer. I lined the shoe up with the sole and then stepped inside the shoe, to add pressure and weight. After walking around the house for a bit, the shoe seemed to seal back to the soul. My point to all this is, if your going to attempt to dye your Toms make sure that you are willing to say goodby to them if they don’t make it! For easy directions on how to dye your Toms follow these steps.



Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie


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Love Yourself The Way You Are

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This video is such a good reminder for us girls to love what we are born with, take a look…

I hope you all have a wonderful week, embracing and loving who you are!




Image Source: pinterest

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Have A Peppy Little Weekend

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What are your plans this weekend? My parents are flying in today, because they bought a car here in TX, and will be driving it back to Colorado tomorrow. It will be a really quick trip but so nice to see them. Here are some great links from around the web, and whatever you may be up to, I hope it’s a peppy little weekend for you!


  Gilmore girlsthey had no idea it was ending.


5 ways to eat healthier and lose weight.


It so doesn’t matter….


Adorable rocket dog shoes.


Valentines Day garland.


Image Source: Lauren Graham






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See Ya Later Ombre, Hello Ecaille

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I have not had my hair colored in over 2 years, and I have saved up a little money to finally get it done. I have been looking at pictures and trying to decide what to do. I texted some looks to my sister Tara, to get her opinion; she approved, but then a few days later she sent me this link. I now believe Tara has saved me from a major disaster! I have to admit, I’m a little nerves to have my hair done, I have always liked more of the natural look, and I don’t want to walk out of the salon looking like I have bright yellow blonde hair. I would even be fine if no one expect for myself even noticed I had my hair colored!

You can also check out this link, on the new look.



Image Source:

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Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Have you heard of the makeup line Anastasia Beverly Hills? The line is sold at Sephora, and online. ABH has some amazing shades of full coverage liquid lipstick; my three favorite shades are…


Party Pink


Milk Shake


American Doll



For makeup ideas and to see and more shades of liquid lipstick,  check out ANASTSIABEVERLYHILLS on Instagram.



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