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The Clothing Dilemma

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Fashion & Popular Products, Life & Adventures | 1 comment

I was at a community college for the first two years, and today it’s time for the major leagues (did I really just use a sports analogy, so not me). My sister had it spot on when she said to me “It’s all exciting the first day of classes, and then you get home and have the realization of… wait, what I have to do this all over again tomorrow!”

As you know fashion is a good friend of mine, however the Texas heat and humidity not so much. I would have loved to wear something like this today…

But this outfit would be way to hot. Then I had the thought of “what if the class rooms are cold?” Such a dilemma right!

Back in July around a campfire, I modeled for my family what all the college girls are wearing to class. The first comment was “so the idea is to look like you have no pants on” Pretty much. I told them how you could dress it up or dress it down. I told them how it was the “perfect” outfit; and as the camp fire got much to hot and attempted to spit flames at my legs, my youngest brother Derek pointed out that maybe this outfit was not catch-all outfit I had claimed it to be. I guess you had to be there, to understand the hilariousness of the whole situation. Anyway that outfit looks something like this… (if you were wondering, this is not me)

And if you think this is a joke it’s not. Not only do 90% of the girls wear this outfit at my school on a daily basis, they wore it where Chris went to school too. Now I have to wonder is this a Texas thing, or Notational??  Don’t get me wrong this is one comfortable don’t-have-to-put-any-thought-into-this-oufit-what-so-ever kind of outfit. I’m just saying this in not the look I want to go for on the first day of school.

So this is what I decided to go with…

Lightweight  boyfriend cardigan (for in class), V-neck t-shirt, romper shorts, and studded sandals; and for my accessories I’m wearing my favorite watch from fossil, and a signal pearl necklace.



Image Source: pinterest, google images, Tabbitha for TT

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Let’s Play A Little Catch Up

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Last week Chris and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to celebrate our belated 11 year anniversary (I keep meaning to update the side picture of this blog), and my birthday. It was wonderful and relaxing, but I’m not bore you with the details.

I start school next Monday, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  I feel like I am finding my way around this new town of ours pretty well, however it dose not feel like home…. at all. Not going to lie, sneaking off and staying permanently on one of the islands we stopped at, never to return, was extremely tempting!

On another note, I have found some amazing cookie dough that I will share with you tomorrow. Other then our trip not much  has been going on, and I am A-ok with that! Here a a few pictures of our cruise, which include some selfies, well because It’s just the two of us:-)




Image Source: Tabbitha and Chris for Turnip Tootsie

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It Was A Hit

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Thanks to my husband my  Big 3-0 birthday was a hit! You wont be surprised at all… Chris and I drank Starbucks in the morning; I talked with family and friends on the phone and we rode the University’s school bus. Yes you read that correctly. My sister wanted to know why on earth I was ridding the school bus on my birthday, and I admit it sounds totally lame however, I had a blast.

Unfortunately I am number 1,015 on the waiting list for “close parking” at the college I will be attending in August… So, I will be parking in an overflow lot, and from there ride the bus to school. I wanted to do a practice run before the first day of class, and that’s jut what we did! Chris and I were the only ones on the bus. I was giddy and feeling happy about it being my birthday. I asked the bus driver  (a senior in college) to give me the rundown on how the bus system works, and even though I could have just asked the driver, I pulled the cord at my stop. Really it’s the stupid little things that make life so much fun! Chris and I got off the bus, walked around campus, went inside to one of my class rooms (to catch some free AC, it was only 100˚ out). Then lo and behold when we walked back outside there was a girl, handing out FREE t-shirts, um can you say birthday score! In the evening we went to dinner, and came home and had some amazing cake.


Chris got me this little 1985 nostalgic book and it is hilarious, well to me anyway.


Chris and I riding the school bus!


Checking out one of my class rooms.


My oldest brother sent me a “birthday selfie” (his exact words), he cracks me up and is so sweet.


Ending the day with some delish birthday cake.


Image Source: Chris and Chris

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Happy 30th To Me

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A Love Letter To My 20’s

Today I turn 30, but before I start my 30’s I wanted to take a minute or two to reflect on my 20’s…

I started my 20’s in Cheyenne Wyoming; my husband had just returned home safely, from Iraq. It was there that I learned what it truly means to trust in my heavenly Father, with every fiber of my being and that if “He brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” I have laughed so hard I’ve cried, and I have cried so hard it took my breath away. I have had the opportunity to travel and see such beautiful sights, that my eyes could hardly take in all the wonderment. I have seen complete poverty and devastation, covering those in that situation in prayer, love, and giving when I could.

I have experienced what true forgiveness feels like, and learned how to truly forgive others. I have learned that the saying “never say never” is a true statement; as I said I would NEVER go to college, and now I am about to embark on my third year. I have held so many singing/dancing concerts for my dog Otto I can’t even count. I have felt complete and ultimate helplessness, heartbreak, and desperation. I was on my way to class when I got a call that my brother Derek had been hurt. He had a concussion and had lost some of his memory. No one wants to learn how fragile life is; I just thank the Lord that my baby brother is alive and well today. I was given the gift to watch my nephew and niece come into this crazy beautiful world of ours. I am forever changed by these two.

I have tried new recipes, new ways to wear my makeup and style my hair. I started a blog, had sleepovers with my siblings, reconnected with old friends, lost some along the way; hiked Horsetooth Mountain for the fist time, snorkeled for the first time, got stuck on my parent’s roof, and realized that I am terrified of heights. I have had amazing tandem bike rides with my husband, taken guitar lessons, sang on stage and got to feel like Jewel for three minutes. I have opened and closed a business. I have learned so much from the people around me, and I hope I have been able to pass a little wisdom on myself. I have had money and I have been completely broke. I learned that money has NOTHING to do with happiness.

As I venture into my 30’s I pray that my goal is always to further my Father’s kingdom here on earth, for his glory and not my own. I pray that I will be patient with others and myself, that I will be courageous, kind, and gracious. It is a gift to be alive, a gift to be loved and love. To every single person who has helped, loved and encouraged me, I want to give you a very heartfelt thank you for helping me become the 30-year-old woman I am today.






Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie





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