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Have A Snappy Weekend

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015 in Fashion & Popular Products, Good Ideas & How To's | 0 comments

What are your plans for this little weekend? Today Chris has off from work, so we are going to drive to his work. Sounds ridiculous right! We  are actually driving to his work to pick out a car. If you did not know Chris got an awesome job, with a car company here in Texas. I’m not sure if we will come home with anything??? We have been sharing a car since 2012, and honestly it has been really great. I love the simplicity that having only 1 car brings, unfortunately we have come to a point in our lives where 1 car will not be so convenient for us anymore (maybe again one day). Then on Saturday it’s back to work for the husband, and back to the studying for me. I hope you are doing something much more fun then studying this weekend. Whatever your plans may be, I hope you have a snappy little weekend and enjoy these links from around the web…


Floral romper.


Cute braid/pony.


I heart the Vogue Brasil Instagram.


PB2 Just might be a dieters dream.


Overwhelm yourself with sandals!



Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie

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Satin Pants And A Little Fun

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Who doesn’t need a pair of satin pants?

I can picture these satin pants with a pair of these Tom


And this adorable crop top

Now put me on some beach resort and I’ll be good to go!



Image Source: H&M, Toms, Express



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It’s Friday

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Fashion & Popular Products | 0 comments

What are your plans for this weekend? I am going to get some studying under my belt, and enjoy my very simple back porch (3 stories up).  I also have a few things to unpack but keep putting them off. Maybe this will be the weekend, and maybe not. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Here are some things from around the web I thought you’d enjoy…


Beautiful flats.


I heart bar necklace!


Stunning Spanish style.


If you want the earrings to match.


Great hat!



Image Source: Michelle Pfeiffer goole images


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Make The Most Of It

Posted by on Jun 4, 2015 in Fashion & Popular Products, Life & Adventures | 1 comment

Hey Turnips! Today is Chris’s day off from work. I am feeling a little thrown off, “is it Friday for us or Sunday? It’s probably Sunday because he has to go back to work tomorrow.” His random schedule will take a little getting use to for the both of us! I’m not sure what we have planned for today, but we plan on making the most of it! We were VERY spoiled over the past two years, both being students and having time to be together (even if it was just studying). This new lifestyle is going to take some getting use to!


PS here are three boyfriend watches I really like! 1,  2,  3



Image Source: New York google images

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