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Don’t Tell Me You Are One Of Those Weird Vegans!

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Health & Food | 3 comments

Yes, I am, I know, I know. Chris and I have been doing the vegan thing for 7 months now (not that I’m counting). No, it’s not for everyone, and you must do your research before making the choice to become vegan. Otherwise you could end up with some pretty dangerous side effects. Am I talking you into becoming a vegan yet? Anyway, Chris and I have been vegan for a little while now, just to try it out and be healthy. We are enjoying it, and feel really good. At the beginning of October I found out I passed my certification exam, and now, I am a wellness and nutrition consultant, Yay! I can now add veganism to my “health list,” in hopes to better help and educate people. Many have asked me, “how long are you going to do it for?” My answer… I’m really not sure. If you have any health food questions, vegan or whatever, ( I’m not judging, and I’m not trying to push anyone into being vegan) please feel free to ask me, I am more than happy to answer your questions. That said, here is a little recipe for you, I hope you enjoy!

The Hummus Wrap

1 ezekiel or whole wheat tortilla 

smother tortilla with hummus of your choice
slice half of a tomato in to quarters
slice cucumber to your liking
slice avocado into long strips to your liking
slice 4 kalamata olives
sprouts to your liking
LIGHTLY drizzle a salad dressing of your choice, I use organic vegan caesar
wrap it up and enjoy!

Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie

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Top Down or Up?

Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Life & Adventures | 1 comment

Down of course! Chris and I took our car in for an oil change. So we decided to rent a convertible for the day, to get the full Hawaii experience. I know life’s real tough;-) When I got behind the wheel and started to drive, all I could think was, “We don’t have kids. I always play it safe. Why didn’t we ever consider buying a sports car?!” Ok I’m sure Chris considered it. Me on the other hand, not so much. Even at the age of 18, I was thinking of things like gas milage, safety, and as my parents had drilled into me, what does consumer reports say? Dork! Anyway we had an awesome, fun day, and we still don’t plan on getting a convertible anytime soon:-)

Image Source: Chris&Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie

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It Only Took A Year

Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Life & Adventures | 4 comments

This time last year I had thought about starting up a blog. I was living in hot and sticky Viques, PR at the time, and remember feeling depressed because it was the first Halloween I had spent away from my three brothers in years. I would dress up with them and go trick or treating, and give them the candy when we were done, and because I stand only 5 feet tall, I could get away with this. I would usually wear a scary mask, and get comments like “Aren’t you a scary little thing?!” I’d think to my self “you have no idea.” Well the last time I went trick or treating with my brothers I was 25 years old. I thought to myself, “Girl you still got it, you don’t look 25!” And y’all know what I did? I decided to not wear a mask and go as a 50’s girl. So here I am having a good ole time, trick or treating in my parents neighborhood, with my awesome brothers, when we come up to this nice looking house, ring the door bell and low and behold a friend of mine that I grew up with and had loss touch with, opens the door to hand out candy. My heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach, and I felt like I could pass out from embarrassment. She put the candy in my bag and as I started to walk away she called out “Tabbi?” It was like everything had turned into slow motion and on the inside (remember now in slow motion) I say to myself “Oh Craaaapppp!) Anyway I just kept on walking, and tried to act like no biggie. My friend and I have actually reconnected, but I assure you it was not due to that embarrassing incident. So back to starting the blog… I wanted to do it a year ago, but I was in search of a perfect title and could not seem to get past that point. Now, a year later I finally came up with a conclusion, I should stop searching for perfection and just have fun with it. C’est la vie!!!

Christopher his friend John, and me
Can you find me in the group?
Jonny and Me (when I was little I was not aloud to be something “scary” ¬†You ask me, the parents are slacking!)
Derek and Me, with Christopher at the top of the stairs

Image Source: Renee

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