Ponchos & Tunics For Christmas

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Shakespeare once wrote, “My heart cannot express the love that is this tunic.” Just kidding I made that up. But come on people show me a person who doesn’t love a beautiful tunic or poncho, and I’ll show you an ugly pair of Christian Louboutins. Impossible, you say. To which I respond, my point exactly.

Is this not beautiful or what. This is a handmade poncho that comes from the lovely Free People.

This tunic from Shopbop has many reasons why it is glorious. To name a few…

1.You can tuck the front in and leave the back out for a more trendy look.

2.You can dress it up with black pants, or dress it down with a pair of jeans.


If I were to pin this tunic to my pinterest board it would read… Want. I love that this tunic from Express hits just below the elbow. If you were wondering it also comes in blue as well.



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Image Source: free people, shopbob, and express.



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