High Five It’s Friday

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What are you plans for this weekend? I’m hitting up Starbucks, and going to work on my “beloved” homework.

I have finished my first week of school and overall all it went very well (high five). My favorite part so far was last nigh; I had a guest lecture for my constriction graphics class and it was awesome! The guest speaker showed us blueprints up on a huge screen and explained what the job of a commercial construction manager entails. I was so pumped up afterwords. Lucky for me Chris got home from work and was able to greet me at the door. Not so lucky for him, he got to hear me talk about it for a good 30 minuets. Here are a few fun links form around the web. I hope you have a great weekend.


Just a great picture of fashion.


Kind of funny and cute but not sure it I would pay to have it done to a photo?


Sprinkles the Cat, made me laugh!




Image Source: google images


  1. I’m so glad your first went well!

    • Thank you and thank you for all your wonderful notes of encouragement!


  2. How cool to see and hear for your motivation!! AWESOME!!

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