Baby Kitten

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April is upon us, and change is among us; Chris and I are getting a baby kitten today, and I am so excited!!! Just kidding happy April fools day. Do you play tricks on any family members or friends of yours? My brothers and Dad were terrible! Have a watchful eye out today, and don’t be too mean if you do partake in the fools day!




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The Mason Jar Cup

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I have always said if you are trying to drink more water, buy yourself a new water bottle (that you like of course). For some reason getting a new water bottle inspires one to use it; therefore consuming more water! Chris and I have a few of these plastic insulated mason jar cups and love them!

Click here for more info.


Click here for more info.


Click here for more info.



*****If you order these online make sure you are aware of the ounces per container, as they do very. You can also find these mugs at Target FYI.


Image Source: Aladdin

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The Prettiest Sports Bra

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My sports bras are in major need of replacement; and while looking online I came across this beautiful cross-back sports bra. I also really like this one.

For more info on this sports bra click here.



Image Source: freepople.ocm

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Wonderful Weekend

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What are your plans for this weekend? After a very damp rainy weekend last weekend, Chris and I are going to enjoy this sunny warm weekend by the pool. We are soaking in all our time together, as we are both so aware of the change to come. He will be graduating at the beginning of May and will no longer have the schedule of a college student, but rather a schedule as a professional. I’m still waiting to hear back from the school I applied to, and though at times I feel anxious to see what my future will hold, I also find bliss in the unknown. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are some great links from around web…


This nightgown is way cute!


Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging plan for your skin type.


Beautiful chunky knit shorts.


Sarah Jessica Parker wedges.


This is totally my dog.




Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie

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Women In This World

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I have loved Jamie King ever since the movie Lone Star State of Mind came out; and then fell in love again when she started playing the role of Lemon Breeland on Hart of Dixie. On Instagram she has been a spokeswoman for youth, women, family and friends. She posted a special segment of pictures her teenage cousin (a photographer) took, and encouraged not only her cousin but all youths to be creative, and to love themselves for who they are. She gently reminded us adults to uplift our youth and just love on them. Recently she posted a pregnancy picture of herself that received a ton of attention (the picture has been removed from her Instagram). You can find the picture here and also read her heartfelt words, as her picture became such a heated topic of discussion, that EllE interviewed her.

In Jamie King’s interview she speaks out on body image. I found her words so real, so honest, and encouraging (no, her way is maybe not the way I would go about it, and I do not fallow all her ideals, but I can still respect her and learn from her wisdom). As I am headed towards a future where my job will be predominantly working with men (construction management), I have had several discussions about women in the work place and women  just being women in this world with my sister, even more discussion about it with my husband, and while in CO I had a wonderful and heated conversation with my two cousins (both women), aunt and mom about the topic. I have also read articles and  books about the matter of being a women in today’s world; and though I don’t believe we as women will ever have the perfect answer, because we are living in a broken world, I do believe we should all work at being kinder, loving one another in encouragement and respect, and walk in faith knowing one day our Heavenly Father will come and every woman, man, and child will walk in His perfection.


I would love to hear your feedback, and may you have a wonderful rest of the week. I’ll catch you back hear on Friday.



Image Source: Jamie King google images

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