Let’s Get This Show On The Road

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On Friday Chris and I found a new place to live, and I am so relieved! After Chris graduates (in May) we will be packing up and movingĀ  to a new town, to start a new chapter. I’m telling ya, when you move every few years it really makes life fly by extra fast. Chris and I are really going to miss the friends we have made here, and the Trader Joe’s grocery store, but the other part of us is really ready to get this show on the road!


Click here to get more info on the adorable sailboat dress in the above picture.


Image Source: ASOS.com

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To Chop Or Not To Chop

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Recently I’ve been debating on rather or not I should cut my hair. I would enjoy a change, but the other part of me knows that short hair is not as easy to maintain (frequent haircuts, have to style it everyday, can’t throw it up and out of my face) as long hair is. I’m still not sure what I will do, so for now I get my “short hair fix” on places like Pinterest and Instagram. Here are a few cuts I like…


You get the idea, I’m looking for a lightly layered bob. Maybe I’ll start by getting some long layers; in my shoulder length style, which I already have going on, and go from there. What about you, have you been debating a haircut? Are you are in the process of growing your haircut out? Decisions, decisions.



Image Source: googel images, pinterest


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Blue Topaz

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Sometimes all you need to complete your outfit are the perfect pair of earrings; and I have fallen for these blue topaz ear hugging hoops. They are so delicate, but have just enough brio to make a statement. I suggest going to this link, so you can really get a good idea as to how they look on the model (place your mouse over her ear and that part of the picture will become enlarged) . Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Image Source: Free People

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Tuesday Tune

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My oldest sweet-heart-of-a-brother Christopher, recently introduced me to the talented musician Jarle Bernhoft. Have a little listen and see what you think…

Amazing right!


Image Source: Christopher

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The Search Continues

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Well, no such luck last weekend trying to find a new place to live. We are going to try again this Friday. In the mean time it’s studying, trying to get rid/give away things we don’t need; and to be honest there’s not much to trash or give away, because Chris and I have been living slim for the past two years.

On another note I found this website with a ton of dresses. I actually ordered a dress for Chris’s graduation, and I am crossing my fingers it will fit (I’ve heard the sizing runs kind of small). This is one of those websites I had to skim through a lot if items I did not much care for, in order to find some really wonderful pieces. But let me tell you, if the dress I ordered works out, I think I may have found myself a little pot of gold (meaning the website). The clothing is very reasonable priced, but be prepared to wait, because shipping can take up to 25 days!

Here is one dress I really liked (not the dress I have coming)….

For more info on this dress click here.




Image Source: google images, OASAP.com

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