Whole vs Hole

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Last night for some reason I woke up at 3:00 am and the most random thought came to mind. The words whole and hole sound exactly the same but have very different meanings; you could even say, they have exact opposite meanings. I want the whole pie. Whole meaning entire, all of, or complete. Then you have hole. There is a hole in my shirt. Hole meaning a space or area where something is missing, or not there. All because of one little w, the  two words that sound the same become opposites. One is complete, and the other is incomplete; who decided this?  I know this isn’t any kind of profound thinking; actually it’s “quite elementary my dear Watson.” Like I said, just a weird random thought I had last night when I woke up out of a dead sleep. Do situations like this ever happen to you? Maybe your thoughts are more sophisticated and save the world types of thoughts. In fact I’m sure they are because only the smartest and most sophisticated people read TT :-) Have a great day and stay warm out there.





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I downright adore Lucy Rose. She is comfortable in her skin, and with who she is. To me you can’t have two more becoming characteristics. She’s not your typical super model, done-up, big hair, bigger heels diva either. Never the less, this doesn’t mean that she’s not a knock out beauty, because she is. Have you seen her music video called Bikes? This video is Hilarious! Lucy is on a mission to find a glass of milk, and let’s just say she gets in a few bar fights along the way…




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Technical Difficulty

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Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.34.00 AM

Yesterday, if you happened to stop by TT at exactly the right time, you may have been able to see Monday’s post. However, for the rest of the day Turnip Tootsie was undergoing some “behind the scenes” fixes, and for some reason deleted my most current post. These fixes were suppose to be seamless and uninterrupted, but in my experience with technology something almost always goes awry. That said, I hope that all the bugs have been fixed, and if not please know I am working on it!

I hope you are having a great week so far. Any Christmas baking going on? My sister, brother-in-law and nephew have made over 200 Christmas cookies! Speaking of cookies I think I’m going to try this cookie recipe, and instead of using a regular egg I’m going to use a chia seed egg.






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White Christmas Wonderful Weekend

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Hey there, what are your plans for this weekend? I’m starting Christmas break; Chris has one more week left. While he is studying I’m going to watch White Christmas. Enjoy these links from around the web, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Christmas paper straws.


Beautiful Houndstooth knit scarf.


387 Christmas gift ideas.


Diamond snowflake earrings.


Coach moccasins.


The perfect lipstick gift set.



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Taylor And Me

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So last night I had a dream that Taylor Swift and I were friends. It could be because I have her Blank Space song stuck in my head or maybe it’s because of this parody my sister sent me. Have you seen it?





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