Last Weekend…

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“Last Weekend” may be a little too dramatic of a title for this post. What I mean to say is, it’s my last weekend before school starts. What do I plan on doing you ask? AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. This is the calm before the storm my friends, and I am all to painfully aware of this fact. Don’t get me wrong I need to get this show on the road, work towards that degree, but like most students I HATE homework.

Anyway enough about me; what are your plans for this weekend? Have you started back to school, maybe your kids have, maybe you read this and think to yourself, “Thank the Good Lord above it’s her and not me!” I hope that whatever you may be up to this weekend you have a delightful one. Here are a few fun links from around the web I found.

How to get rid of clutter (a hilarious anecdote)


The beautiful 89-year-old bridesmaid


Um, yes please I’ll take the brown and dove grey pair


I’m totally feeling this scarf


Beautiful saying beautiful journal



Image Source: google images North Carolina



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Just Cookie Dough

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Yesterday I had mentioned I wanted to share some cookie dough with you…. I wish I literally could! But will you settle for where I got it? This amazing cookie dough is called Just Cookie Dough and the best part about it, it that you can eat it right out of the container and not get sick. Ok, I need to be careful how I phrase that sentence, I’m sure if you ate too much you’re going to feel like crap, what I mean to say is, the ingredients are safe to eat raw. I bought this cookie dough at a Kroger Select grocery store. Here are a list of grocery stores that are apart of the Kroger branch….

Ralphs, Dillions, Smith’s, King Soopers (I grew up shopping at this branch), Fry’s, QFC, City Market, Owen’s, Jay C, Pay less, Bakers, Gerbes, Scott’s Food and Pharmacy, and  Harris Teeter. Then all of these including Kroger and Kroger Select, have FredMeyer as their head branch. Not that you wanted/needed to know that.

I’m quite positive that all these stores will not carry Just Cookie Dough, and unfortunately so. However, if one of these is your local grocery store I highly recommend checking to see if your store carries it!

See! Right there on the label EAT IT RAW… Don’t mind if I do.


And I did….

Just Cookie Dough is






No Artificial Colors of flavors

The label does not come right out and say Vegan but it is; and if you read this list and you think “No thank you”, I urge you to give them a try! This dough really is awesome! Too dang bad the company is not paying me for this post!




Image Source: Tabbitha For Turnip Tootsie





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Let’s Play A Little Catch Up

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Last week Chris and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to celebrate our belated 11 year anniversary (I keep meaning to update the side picture of this blog), and my birthday. It was wonderful and relaxing, but I’m not bore you with the details.

I start school next Monday, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  I feel like I am finding my way around this new town of ours pretty well, however it dose not feel like home…. at all. Not going to lie, sneaking off and staying permanently on one of the islands we stopped at, never to return, was extremely tempting!

On another note, I have found some amazing cookie dough that I will share with you tomorrow. Other then our trip not much  has been going on, and I am A-ok with that! Here a a few pictures of our cruise, which include some selfies, well because It’s just the two of us:-)




Image Source: Tabbitha and Chris for Turnip Tootsie

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Friday Salad

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A couple of weeks ago my sister Tara was telling me about salad in a jar. Have you heard of this before? I thought it was a great idea and decided to give it a shot. Essentially all you do is get your favorite salad ingredients and pack them tightly into a mason jar.

The prep takes a little work but it is well worth it. Each salad in a jar lasts about 5 days, and there is nothing better then opening up the refrigerator and grabbing a beautiful salad all ready to go (minus dumping it into a bowl.)

How to make salad in a jar….

Prepare all your favorite salad ingredients

Your first layer will be your dressing about 4 table spoons (let me be honest people for the most part I just eye everything).

Put your more solid ingredients towards the bottom of the jar and the softer veggies  and/or fruits will be higher in the jar.

Last but not least stuff as much salad as you can at the top of the jar.

Throw the jars in the fridge and when you are ready to eat a salad, pop open the jar and dump in a bowl. Pretty simple right.

I like to add a little pepper on my salad after I have put it in the bowl. Have a wonderful healthful weekend!






Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie

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It Was A Hit

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Thanks to my husband my  Big 3-0 birthday was a hit! You wont be surprised at all… Chris and I drank Starbucks in the morning; I talked with family and friends on the phone and we rode the University’s school bus. Yes you read that correctly. My sister wanted to know why on earth I was ridding the school bus on my birthday, and I admit it sounds totally lame however, I had a blast.

Unfortunately I am number 1,015 on the waiting list for “close parking” at the college I will be attending in August… So, I will be parking in an overflow lot, and from there ride the bus to school. I wanted to do a practice run before the first day of class, and that’s jut what we did! Chris and I were the only ones on the bus. I was giddy and feeling happy about it being my birthday. I asked the bus driver  (a senior in college) to give me the rundown on how the bus system works, and even though I could have just asked the driver, I pulled the cord at my stop. Really it’s the stupid little things that make life so much fun! Chris and I got off the bus, walked around campus, went inside to one of my class rooms (to catch some free AC, it was only 100˚ out). Then lo and behold when we walked back outside there was a girl, handing out FREE t-shirts, um can you say birthday score! In the evening we went to dinner, and came home and had some amazing cake.


Chris got me this little 1985 nostalgic book and it is hilarious, well to me anyway.


Chris and I riding the school bus!


Checking out one of my class rooms.


My oldest brother sent me a “birthday selfie” (his exact words), he cracks me up and is so sweet.


Ending the day with some delish birthday cake.


Image Source: Chris and Chris

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