Are You An Introvert

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My Dad recently sent me a great article about introverts. I’m an introvert and couldn’t believe how much I related to this article. If you have a friend or family member or maybe it’s you yourself, whom is introverted take a look at this article. It gives a wonderful insight¬†of how an introverted person works.




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Free People “Keep Me Tee Dress”

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I love the authentic items you can find on the online store; this Keep Me Tee dress happens to be one of them.

I think these shoes would look so cute with this flowing dress.


And if you were wondering… We are about 90% moved into our new place. This past Thursday and Friday Chris and I went to my New Student Conference. This was a meeting meant for 18-20 year students and their parents, but for some reason it was mandatory for all students no matter their age or situation. It was pretty boring, but Chris and I made it fun with our inside jokes, getting lost on the huge campus, and finding a new salad bar for lunch. My advice to anyone starting something new or stuck in a rut,¬† is laughter! Rent a funny movie, call a friend or family member who cracks you up, or even look up the “humor” section on Pinterest.






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Memorial Day 2015

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Today we think of those who have lost their lives while serving our country. My thoughts and prayers are with those of you who have lost a loved one, and as always thank you with all my heart, to the men and woman who have served and serve today.




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Rae Morris- Closer

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Have you heard of Rae Morris? She is absolutely fantastic! Lately I can’t seem to get enough of her song Closer; take a listen and see what you think. Also isn’t her hair great!



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Another Address To Add To Our List

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Man it’s been a while! Chris has graduated, and we have moved to a new town and apartment. Today marks day 5 of unpacking; we really don’t have a lot, it’s just trying to find the “perfect” place for what we do have. The above picture is our of new bedroom. Everything you see hanging above the bed frame use to be part of a wall collage in our old living room. I want use all our old decorations, but rearrange them in a fresh new way. We have gone from two broke college students, to one college student and another paying off school loans… so for now may the tight budget continue. All in all life life is going really well, and I’m happy to be living life.

My blogging will continue to be irregular until Chris and I find a “new normal”. I hope you are doing well.







Image Source: Tabbitha for Turnip Tootsie

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